3 rules on how to put your recyclables into your recycling bin

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💁‍♀️ This is how you need to put your recyclables into your yellow-top bin to recycle them correctly. ♻️

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Today I talk about the 3 ways to ensure you put your recyclables in the yellow-top recycling bin correctly. 🚮


Keep your recyclables in the yellow-top bin loose. Do not put them inside of any bag. If you put them in a bag, they will be picked off the picking line and thrown out to landfill.


Because it’s extremely dangerous for the staff at the Material Recycling Facility (MRF) to open these. Anything could be inside of these – from synergies to dead animals. #truestory


Make sure you give your empty containers a quick wash. No need to waste a lake but ensure there is no food residue that would contaminate recycling. Another great example of contamination is a pizza box with a big oily cheesy patch.


Because these will not only be thrown out to landfill, they might also contaminate all other items. Such as leftover oil or liquid.


Make sure you remove the lids off all bottles and jars.


Firstly, lids off prevent you from leaving any liquid inside which would contaminate the rest of the items.

Secondly, lids are made out of different type of plastic and can’t be recycled together.

Thirdly, plastic bottles with lids can combust when squashed at the truck or even when being bailed at MRF.

Lastly, the optical sorter may not be able to push the bottle off the pass as it’s too heavy with the lid on.

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