Please fill out the form below and we’ll be with you shortly. If your delivery address is within our service radius you will receive an SMS from the Square tool with a link to an invoice as a confirmation of your booking.

Please note we can’t guarantee delivery within a certain period of time. Please ensure to let us know where EXACTLY to drop your grounds.

Please ensure your phone is correct as that's how you receive our payment request via Square.
e.g. on my verge next the the the tree/mailbox
- Paid deliveries always come first. If you’d like to ensure you get your grounds delivered please pay our tiny delivery fee.

- NO GUARANTEE that you will ever receive a load of grounds unless you have been issued an invoice from us. This is a standby system to help us distribute grounds among our community but we may not have any cafes yet signed up in your area.

- Excess coffee grounds is NOT the responsibility of the Donut Waste and will not be removed. It may be a good idea to chat with neighbours about sharing a load before registering.

- Not all loads will be the same. It all depends on the busyness of the venue it came from. It can be a fresh load of fluffy grounds or a slightly mouldy coffee from a cafe that took a month to collect a whole bin.

- Please note mould is fine for compost and soil amendment but might not be great around your veggies and fruits.