Get free coffee grinds for your home compost or community garden and help divert organic waste from landfill.

Western Australia has the most depleted soils in the whole world. Composting our food waste and organic matter such as grinds from our coffee is a no brainer. There is no better more natural way to bring our nutrients back into our food.

Coffee grounds are best used to enrich your compost, can be used to feed your worms or mixed with your sandy soil to build up your soil.


We are currently trialling a new system of coffee bin delivery per order. Please choose from the table below the most suitable option for you.

We don’t guarantee delivery unless you have opted for paid delivery AND received our payment request.
Please ensure you read the terms and conditions below before contacting us.

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bin filled with coffee grounds


1 BIN (no guarantee)1 BIN2 BINS3 BINS
PRICEfree*free coffee + $5 delivery feefree coffee + $10 delivery feefree coffee + $15 delivery fee
1 bin = approx. 84 kg


Get a regular dose of grounds from us.

Please note community gardens within our service radius receive grounds for free.

Terms and conditions

  • *Paid deliveries always come first. If you’d like to ensure you get your grounds delivered please pay our tiny delivery fee.
  • *NO GUARANTEE that you will ever receive a load of grounds unless you have been issued an invoice from us.
  • This is a standby system to help us distribute grounds among our community but we may not have any cafes yet signed up in your area. Please check our collection points to see if we pick up bins nearby.
  • Excess coffee grounds is NOT the responsibility of Donut Waste and will not be removed. It may be a good idea to chat with neighbours about sharing a load before registering.
  • Not all loads will be the same. It all depends on the busyness of the venue it came from. It can be a fresh load of fluffy grounds or a slightly mouldy coffee from a cafe that took a month to collect a whole bin.
  • Please note mould is fine for compost and soil amendment but might not be great around your veggies and fruits. It’s recommended to avoid breathing in any kind of mould.