Donut’s mission is not just to save coffee grounds

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As you may know by now, our mission is to save all coffee grounds in Perth from landfill. 

Why is it important to save organic matter such as coffee waste from landfills

You see, each time you have a cuppa, you leave a little something behind. In fact, 75,000 tonnes of coffee grounds are generated each year here in Australia. 

Now the bad news is, the majority of Cafes in Perth dispose of their grounds in landfills. 

Why is that so bad you ask? Thank you for asking!

Organic matter is the worst type of waste we put in landfill. It generates a gas called methane which is about 28 times more harmful to our environment than carbon dioxide. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this… 

But now the good news! There are plenty of ways to reuse coffee grounds. They are great in compost, could be used as a fertiliser, or made into fire logs to heat our house or soaps to wash our hands. 

Donut’s vision for sustainable cafes

But coffee grounds are just the beginning. Our hospitality venues generate far greater amounts of waste than we realise. From single-use coffee cups, take away containers to a huge amount of food waste. 

My vision is to become a Sharkxpert on all sustainable solutions available to this market. And then make the hospitality sector known as resourceful as opposed to wasteful. And with the government announcing the single-use-plastic ban there has never been a better time!

You can find the list of Donut Wasting clients on our clients’ page.

I hope to meet you in one of them to discuss how you could help me to help us all become more sustainable. So in the near future, we can all have our caffeine fix guilt-free. 

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