Creating circular solutions for materials that would otherwise end up in landfill

Donut Waste is a social enterprise actively educating the local community and supporting businesses to transition to net zero. Our focus lies in promoting sustainable living, waste reduction, and the principles of a circular economy. Our services also include plastic beer clip and hessian bag collections that directly contribute to the creation of a local circular economy.


Actions trump ideas! Sharka is a passionate waste warrior who believes we all have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact our behaviour has on this planet.

She worked for several years for a local e-waste recycler and then as a waste education officer for a local council before starting her own social enterprise to create a bigger impact.

Sharka’s mission is to activate our community through fun and accessible education to inspire real sustainable actions.


How to save plastic can clips from landfill

Plastic clips are made out of sturdy High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and can be reused 50+ times. They can’t be recycled through your yellow kerbside bin!

You can now drop them off at more than 55 collection points in Perth and WA. If you’d like your bottle shop to start collecting with us, ask them to fill in the form below.

It’s free and helps us all save the planet.

We collect coffee grounds from local schools, cafes and other businesses, for reuse in community gardens to enrich their compost.

Coffee grounds can also be made into soaps and body scrubs which we can teach you to make yourself in one of our workshops.

Join the Donut Waste movement and start saving coffee grounds from landfill today!


Scrubby Donut Soap

Coffee Body Scrub

body scrubs made with spent coffee grounds

Hessian Bags

hessian bags

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