Hessian bags, also known as burlap bags, are versatile and eco-friendly material that can be reused in many ways. These bags are made from jute, a natural fibre that is durable and biodegradable, making them an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact. That’s why we teamed with local coffee roasteries to give them a second chance in life.

Why reuse second-hand hessian bags?

  1. Reduce Waste: By reusing second-hand hessian bags, you are helping to reduce waste. Rather than throwing them away or recycling them, you can use them for a variety of purposes, which reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.
  2. Save Resources: The production of new hessian bags requires a significant amount of energy and resources. By reusing existing bags, you are reducing the demand for new bags, which in turn reduces the need for additional resources.
  3. Cost-effective: Purchasing new bags can be expensive. By reusing second-hand hessian bags, you can save money while supporting a local social enterprise on a mission of creating a circular economy in Perth.

How to reuse second-hand hessian bags?

  1. Shopping bags: Hessian bags are strong and durable, making them perfect for carrying groceries or other items. You can use them instead of disposable plastic bags, which are harmful to the environment.
  2. Garden mulch: Hessian bags can be used as garden mulch to help suppress weeds and retain moisture. Simply cut the bags into small pieces and spread them around your plants.
  3. Worm farms: Hessian bags can be used to shade your worm family as well as an additional protection lawyer that can be mulched on.
  4. Home decor: Hessian bags can be used to create unique and rustic home decor items. You can use them to make cushions, table runners, or wall hangings.
  5. Storage: Hessian bags can be used for storage of various items such as potatoes, onions, or other vegetables. The bags allow air to circulate, which helps to keep the vegetables fresh for a longer period.
  6. Arts and crafts: Hessian bags can be used for a variety of arts and crafts projects. You can use them to make wreaths, Christmas stockings, or other holiday decorations.
  7. Containers for Change bags: Some of our hessian types include plastic and have a non-fluffy texture making them a perfect bag for collecting your beverage containers.
  8. Dog beds: All you need is a branch of old pillows and your furry friend will sleep like a king/queen.

Types and sizes of hessian bags

Hessian bags we collect are food-grade and were used to carry green coffee beans. They come in many different sizes and material types that change with the brewing season. Here are some examples of bags we collect.

Ready to get crafty with Hessians?

We currently sell them for $2 each. 10 pcs minimum per order. Deliveries for larger orders are available within the Perth metro. Pick up in Westminster, 6061.