Educational workshops

What does sustainability mean? What needs to be sustained?

Our educational workshops on various sustainability topics are available for booking by any group, organization, or school.

Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to make a positive impact on the environment. Join us in learning and taking steps towards a sustainable future.

Two ladies in a cafe looking at iPad

Sustainable consultancy

Through an assessment of your current carbon footprint and existing solutions, we identify areas of improvement and guide you towards the most effective strategies.

Our expertise extends to various aspects, including addressing food waste, optimizing plastic packaging practices, and enhancing staff engagement in sustainability initiatives.

By analyzing these factors, we collaborate with you to identify simple yet impactful changes that can be implemented to make a significant difference. Join us to uncover the “easy wins” that will have a lasting positive effect on your business and the environment.

coffee scrub

DIY skincare workshops

DIY products workshops such as homemade coffee scrubs or plastic-free deodorants.

These workshops are coupled with a sustainability presentation delivering the message of ‘avoid, reduce, reuse and if you can’t donate then recycle’.

Our workshops can be custom-made to suit your group.

Material (not yet waste) collections

pile of hessian bags

Hessian bags

From our local coffee roastery, we collect hessian bags for reuse.

We currently sell them for a small fee to community members and are negotiating other solutions with local environmental groups.

If you have a need for a large number of these amazingly versatile bags, please get in touch.

beer can clips in a bin

HDPE can clips collections

From several partners around Perth, we collect plastic can clips for reuse.

We de-sticker them, wash them, colour-sort them, and re-sell them back to breweries for reuse.

Broken clips are taken to Claw Environmental for recycling.

Find our collection points here.

Coffee grounds collections

We collect grounds from cafes, schools and offices around Perth.

Our sustainable Donutters collect grounds into a 120l bin and we collect them as regularly as needed.

We then take them to the nearest community garden or composter for composting.


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