When we discard materials, it’s not just about squandering resources that could be repurposed, reused, or recycled. It’s also about wasting the time and energy invested in obtaining or creating the product in the first place.

That’s why we are saving things from ending up in landfills so we can close the loop on them and extend their lives.


Corks are predominantly used in champagne rather than wine in Australia. However, there are still plenty of them out there and it’s a shame not to reuse this versatile material.
We currently collect them through our partner Coles at Liquorland and First Choice bottle shops. We then donate them to the community for reuse. (E.g. to REmida Perth for school kids.)

Beer clips

These clips are used mainly as packaging for craft beers, soft drinks, cold brews and various other beverages. We collect them at the source (bottle shops), ensure they are cleaned and unbroken and then repackage them to be reused by our local breweries.
You can learn more about clips and find your nearest collection point here.

Hessian bags

Hessian or jute bags are often found in coffee roasteries used to import and transport coffee beans. We collect them, sort them into types and sizes and then sell them to the community for various reuse.
You can learn about hessian bag collections and how they work here.