Circular solutions

We exist to help the human race minimise the effects of climate change on our planet. We are a Perth waste and sustainability start-up helping our community to become more circular.

We are creating circular solutions for products and materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Our vision is to help the WA community live sustainably. In the future, we see Perth as the most circular community that shares and reuses resources and has no need for landfills.


Right now we’re saving these from unnecessary deaths in landfills:


We collect coffee grounds from local cafes, schools and businesses diverting all coffee waste from landfill. We take them to community gardens to enrich their compost.


We divert plastic beer can clips from landfills. We collect them from local bottle shops and sell them back to local breweries for reuse.


We save hessian bags from roasteries so they don’t end up in landfills. We collect them and sell them to others for various projects such as sandbagging, pot planting, tree protection…



We help cafes and hospitality venues to become more environmentally friendly and operate more sustainably. We do that by providing sustainability consultancy, waste audits, and waste and recycling workshops for staff.


We crave to help businesses in Perth that want to become Net Zero faster! Not by 2050, not by 2030, but NOW.

So fellow sandgroper, if that sounds like a good idea, spread the word or get in touch!

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