Who are these for?

For busy offices that create waste from their day-to-day operations. From paper, electronic waste to food scraps. If you’d like to become more sustainable, create less waste while you have fun learning, this workshop is for you.

What will you learn?

  • How to correctly recycle and sort waste in Perth (including your kerbside home bin).
  • How to better or best deal with waste created in your office.
  • What happens to your waste – life journey of the bins.
  • Ideas for better sustainable practices in your office.

Workshop with waste audit (optional add-on)

To maximise workshop effect we always recommend including a hands-on audit of your actual bins. This will be done safely within your office when we literarily go through your rubbish bin and sort all waste into correct categories

Timing and pricing

1-hour waste & recycling presentation$480
2-hours workshop (includes sorting provided waste)$575
2.5-hours workshop with waste audit (includes an audit of your venue bins)$585