Donut Beer 2.0 – saved doughnuts into beer

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Mash Brewing and Donut Waste did it again! We’ve teamed up to save plenty of doughnuts from landfill and threw them into a sustainable beer. This time it’s a pasty sour that tastes bloody delicious. 

Over 2,000 doughnuts that would have otherwise gone to waste were saved and used in the mash as the base for this sour. Adrian, the head brewer learned some lessons from the 1st Donut Beer and went with a re-iterated mash this time.

Four hours were spent breaking down the doughnuts to help with the stuck sparges. The end product is a clean refreshing beer with enough of the doughnut flavours coming through to not warrant the addition of lactose or extra hops.

Adrian, the head brewer and father of the first Donut Beer says:

“People might say it’s not doughnutty enough but it was never about creating that profile. It was more about how we can use recovered food waste and make a clean drinkable beer from it.

That I believe we have achieved successfully, and I hope it will inspire others to see what they can create from waste.”

As with the first release of Donut Beer, 50 cents from each can sold will go to OzHarvest WA which in turn purchases one meal for the homeless and people in need.

Reused plastic clips (4-pack carriers silver) saved from WA landfill were used to package and distribute this beer.

Available now from Mash Brewing Swan Valley from 1st September and at leading bottle shops.

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Sharka Hornakova
Donut Waste
0422 755 816

Donut Waste exists to help the human race minimise the effects of climate change on our planet. They do that by creating circular solutions for products and materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Since its inception in 2021, Donut Waste composted 20.6 tonnes of coffee grounds, rehomed 741 hessian sucks and prevented 26,000 plastic clips from going to landfill. 

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