How I feel about Climate Change

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The more I started learning about climate change, the more depressed I have become. All the scientists have to repeatedly prove that humans are indeed responsible for the heating of the planet and that we have brought the current crisis upon ourselves. Yet, we do nothing. Or very little on the big scale. 

Sometimes I feel very desperate that I can’t make others change. I can’t stop the mining and land abuse. I can’t even convince my friends to care or at least stop craving lucrative FIFO jobs. 

And sometimes incredibly sad like during bushfires when I see innocent koalas burning to death. I cry. And then I get angry and frustrated and want to shout all over social media for people to wake up. I had to learn to avoid certain triggers, such as ignorant news reporters who shame activists that can no longer stand idly by and are attempting to raise awareness and wake others up.

I’ve learnt to avoid despair by taking action. I started my Donut Waste company so I feel like I can make a change. No matter how small or insignificant. It gives me hope, and I know it inspires others to act. Or find their sliver of hope, which then leads to action

I also feel grateful. Grateful for the decision not to have kids. I can’t imagine the fear scientist with children must face. It must be unbearable.
I’m thankful for them. For staying hopeful and persevering in the face of inactivity and indifference happening around us.
I focus on the positives. The number of electric vehicles on our roads is rapidly increasing. The amount of young activists not afraid to speak up. The volume of climate-conscious entrepreneurs emerging everywhere. I let them inspire me. I let them fill me with hope for our species and the continuity of life on this planet.
I so want to believe we still have time and will come together before it’s too late. More often than not, I can’t, but then another day comes and with it, another idea springs to mind, another inspired human joins the fight

Every day brings another chance

You can read how climate scientists feel here: 

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