Workpower has partnered with Perth-based startup Donut Waste to save craft beer clips from landfill.

You are currently viewing Workpower has partnered with Perth-based startup Donut Waste to save craft beer clips from landfill.

 Donut Waste has collected over 87,500 craft beer clips from 70 collection points across Perth. The clips are sorted, counted, and a portion is delivered to Workpower for de-stickering by Workpower employees. 

“So far, I have delivered around 8,400 clips to Workpower for de-stickering,” says founder Sharka Hornakova. 

Donut Waste picks up the beer clips from Workpower to clean and repack them so they can be sold back to breweries, saving them from landfills. The breweries purchase the beer clips for a competitive price and promote their sustainability efforts by reusing materials. 

“100% of our profits have gone back into Donut Waste so we can make a greater impact.” 

 “Beer clips are not suitable for kerbside bin recycling, and only a tiny amount of clips are broken and cannot be reused. Claw Environmental supports us by providing local recycling services and bins for reuse,” Ms Hornakova said. 

“Our partnership with Donut Waste is a mutually beneficial arrangement that contributes to the reusing and recycling of single-use plastics while providing work opportunities for people with disability,” said James Wilson, Workpower’s General Manager of Recycling. 

“We enjoy working with organisations like Donut Waste, bringing our quality, reliability and performance to recycling and through many other commercial services,” James said. 

Established by Sharka Hornakova in 2021, Donut Waste works with Perth businesses to divert beer clips, coffee grounds and hessian bags from landfill. 

Donut Waste is a finalist for the Close the Loop Award at the WasteSorted Awards, held by the Waste Authority. 

Workpower is a former finalist and winner of the WasteSorted awards, winning the ‘Waste Team of the Year’ award in 2022. 

For more information about Workpower, contact Jamie Forsyth on 0492 252 135, or visit 

For more information about Donut Waste, contact Sharka Hornakova on 0422 755 816, or visit 

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